A Collective of Women Seeding Love & Truth

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Our mission is to awaken the feminine heart through transformational journeys.
Whether online or in person La Luna creates safe and sacred spaces to cultivate our innate feminine wisdom and journey into wholeness

La Luna Portal is our gateway into a world filled with teachings, tools, practices, music, self-inquiry, conversations -  a well of feminine wisdom that offers daily support on your transformational journey.

It offers the opportunity to be part of our La Luna Family and tune into our loving community from wherever you are.

There is such a rich offering of practices and methods out there, and all this choice can lead to information overload and overwhelm. We carefully select, and curate the resources that have worked for us .

We choose the  most effective and cutting edge tools, techniques and practices  from around the world and share them with you through our authentic and trusted LA LUNA teacher family.

This is your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported and held by like minded women 
This is your Your place to grow, to heal, to laugh and to feel. 
This is your  place to fall into yourself and arrive home. 


Change and transformation is found through devotion and consistency in practice.

Our intention is to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along with the lessons each month and stay connected within the community, whatever your own unique lifestyle.

You can simply download our app for when you're on-the-go or sign in on your computer at home to stay connected to the other Lunitas. Our tribe of empowered women are here to guide and support you on your journey.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF ...’ve been feeling alone (and maybe a little lost)’re craving connection with other women who “get” it and are “living it”

...filling up your cup is a priority but feels impossible want practical and realistic tools to feel more grounded

...If you want to reconnect to the whispering voice of your heart, and allow yourself to fully embrace your feminine essence
...If you are longing to reconnect to your body and enliven your sensual pleasure
...If you are going through big or small life changes


Community & Connection 

You will travel through with La Luna family a powerful, global community of like-minded women and expert teachers who will share your journey. This is a space where you can give and receive gifts, knowledge and inspiration, a space of intimacy, honesty and true connection. You can engage as much as little as you like, but know you that are never alone.

The Toolkit of Daily Video Practices 

Just open the portal and you will find a whole toolkit for your instant support. Choose by how you are feeling or how much time you have or whatever catches your eye. 

There is a video library of beautiful Foundation Practices, that have changed our life’s. These are simple, powerful techniques and tools that are ready to guide you home to the beauty of your heart anytime, anywhere. 

To hold your hand as you remember the strength of your feminine essence.

The Monthly Teacher-led Practice 

Each month you are invited to meet a new member of our La Luna Teacher Family.  Our teachers have come from all over the world and have walked a unique and authentic path, so this is  a beautiful opportunity to weave the magic of their wisdom into your everyday.

The lead teacher for the month will guide you through her favourite practice and teach you the tools and techniques that have transformed their lives.

Each month you will receive...

The Workshop Live

Home Practice Video

Music Playlists


Journal Inspiration

Live Community Breathwork With Miriam Adler

Each and every month, Miriam holds space for all the Lunitas in a Zoom room.

We gather together from all over the world for a group coaching call, where we have a deep and meaningful sharing circle.

This is your place to feel held, supported and loved by women who truly understand you.


All A Woman Needs To Know


We love to shower you with extra gifts including discounts for retreats and care packages.

Inside the platform in our La Luna Love Section we share:

Our favorite books, podcasts, movies, music playlists

Astrology Updates

Special Recipes

Sustainable Brands

Travel Secrets

Interview with Inspiring Women who are walking their talk

Example of Topics Inside

Morning Practice

Ease of Self- Love

The Art of Pleasure

Inner Child Work

Trauma Release


Lean Lines

Manifestation Secrets

The Art of Tea

Love & Partnership

Sacred Sexuality

Wisdom of the Blood

Masculine and Feminine Energies

Finding your Purpose

Keys to Motherhood


Meet your Host

Hey! It’s Me, Miriam.

I’m so very honored to share my path with you.

The last 10 years I spent asking myself the big questions.

Who am I and why am I here?

How can we live more aligned and in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature?

I keep arriving at the same source over and over again: To live whole heartedly.

To be in service of love and truth.

What brings me most joy are these moments, when I let my head go, my hair fly, my body moving freely, my heart tender, wide awake.

In these moments all my questions and answers dissolve, no walls, no separation, only the pure joy of being alive right here, right now.

I spent many years striving, beating myself up, wanting always more, never satisfied, in war with my body and ultimately myself.

This pain truly was the fire of my transformation, my path became learning to love myself each day a little bit more, and with that my heart widening and softening.

To stand with my feet firmly rooted in the ground, not afraid anymore of my truth, my power, emanating kindness and grace one step at a time.

As I am unfurling it is my deepest pleasure to empower other women to do the same.

To see you break free, peel away layers of numbness, cry all these tears you held back for years, laugh from the bottom of your soul, and find acceptance in it all, is a feeling I can’t describe.

To see you shine makes my world light up.

I’m here to share with you everything I humbly learnt over the past years, all the practices, technologies, and rituals that have given me the support to step up and unleash.

That have allowed me to unapologetically become myself.

This portal is my treasure box and I’m proud to weave this web of love with many other incredible humans by my side who never end to inspire my growth.

Together we Transform!


Both annual and monthly membership is available.




If you have any questions please contact  [email protected]

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